well the new york rangers are rebilding this year.

They have signed Martin Biron, Derrek Boogard, traded Aaron Vorros and Ryan Hillier to get Steve Emenger from the ducks. Resigned Dan Giradi, Erik christian and Vinny prospal. I hope 2 make the playoffs this year and pass the eastern conference quarterfinals. LETS GO 2010-2011  RANGERS. GET # 1 IN THE ATLANTIC DIVISION. They also just signed Right Winger Jeremy Williams. They still have open spots so there top Organization players will have shots at the open spots.  So there roster currently consists of

#42 Artem Anisimov

#16 Sean Avery

#? Derek Boogard

#22 Brian Boyle

# 24 Ryan Callahan”A”

#26 Erik Christensen

#23 Chris Drury”C”

#17 Brandon Dubinsky

#10 Marian Gaborik

#20 Vinny Prospal”A”

#8 Brandon Prust

#? Jeremy Williams-might make team and might be in Hartford. Probably will start in Hartford.


#4 Michael Del Zotto

#? Steve Emenger

#97 Matt Gilroy

#5 Dan Girardi

#6 Wade Redden

#33 Michael Rozsival

#18 Marc Staal


#30 Henrik Lundqvist

#? Martin Biron.

I hope you ranger fans like this.


One Response to “well the new york rangers are rebilding this year.”

  1. lol im wrighting a comment :3

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